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  • Local Authority - Slow Uptake?

    Local authority planning concerns

    How long does it take Local Authorities to implement changes to Building Regulations?

    It's often the case that changes to approved documents take a very long time to filter through to local authorities, having worked in the sector for many years it appears the "sweet spot" is around 2 years. When the UK Government introduces new measures in a bid to combat the effects of climate change and limit the effect that new homes have on it

  • Part G Calculations?

    What are Part G Water Calculations?

    As part of the Governments initiative to reduce the demand on fresh water in a home they cam up with Part G of Building Regulations, Part G is designed to limit the amount of drinking quality water that is used in a new home

  • Part G Water

    What is Part G?

    All new dwellings in England and Wales now require Part G Potable Water Calculations to show compliance with Part G of UK Building Regulations,

    the government guidelines state that new build homes should provide water efficiency measures that reduce the amount of potable Part G Water Calculations (drinking) water that is used in a dwelling, the guidelines state that the dwelling should use no more than 125 litres of water per person per day, calculations are required to show compliance. Build Compliance Ltd can carry out accredited Part G Calculations in 24 hours. Please contact us on 0800 699 0904 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss your requirements, we offer discounts for multiple dwellings and larger sites

    If you require a fee quotation for Part G Water Calculations please fill in our online form here

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