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s to planning and building regulations in the Greater London area, several amendments to local planning rules now mean that new homes have to be built to Zero Emissions standards,


It's often the case that changes to approved documents take a very long time to filter through to local authorities, having worked in the sector for many years it appears the "sweet spot" is around 2 years. When the UK Government introduces new measures in a bid to combat the effects of climate change and limit the effect that new homes have on it

interest on savings accounts and borrowing rates being so low investors are looking for new and innovative schemes to make their money grow faster, one of the latest phenomenons is "Crowd Funding"

duce the demand on fresh water in a home they cam up with Part G of Building Regulations, Part G is designed to limit the amount of drinking quality water that is used in a new home

ir designs are struggling to get through the latest version of Part L1A, the new notional standards for new build homes are considerably more stringent than in SAP 2010,

g than an ordinary roof:the roofing replacement with solar energy gathering powers does indeed look great. It’s a far cry from the obvious and somewhat weird aftermarket panels you see applied to roofs after the fact today.

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